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Posted On Mar 15, 2023 |

Shaman Talks - Bereavement and Trauma Resolution

The recent illness and passing of my father has deepened the well of inspiration I feel to offer my services and support in a group setting.

❣️On Tuesday, March 21, we will meet from 6 PM-8 PM, or until we are through.

And, WOWIIEE - what a time for it!!. We will have a NEW MOON at 0° and 50' of ARIES - TALK ABOUT A NEW START. Aries is the 1st House; the beginning; the FOOL, the Initiator!

We will still be under the influence of the Spring Equinox energies of the day prior (20th), so there is much signifying a the Real New Year of 2023. What better way to KICK THIS OFF?!

In case you missed my last email about this, I wanted to remind you again, that it is indeed in our darkest hours that fate tempts us to stay where we are. "GROW OR DIE" is the mantra of Pluto, and while he is still at 29 degrees of Capricorn - the anorectic degree, he is going to feel like a BIG BELL ingressing into Aquarius.

🌞😎Aquarius is my Sun energy - and you have ALL the zodiacal energies in your chart, too.
As to how much - well that shows up in YOUR natal chart.

I choose growth. I choose life, love, abundance, joy, passion, fun, and surrender. I made a promise to my dad; to myself. And that promise was to take his and the ancestral energies and EXPRESS those in the ways they couldn't in their lives - while they were living. It has become important to me to assist you in that same endeavor, should your heart and soul desire it. Our ancestors are the shoulders we stand on, my friend!

👀Death comes in many different forms: Loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of health, a job, or even moving -- among a myriad others that we all must face.

🙏🎁 I offer this service as a sacred space holder, healer, shaman, seer, wayshower, sacred clown and sacred wise child - all archetypes of deep wisdom, grace, beauty, mercy, adventure, and clarity of the truth and connection to Source Great Mystery, among others. It exists within you and is accessible to everyone - if they know the path of light.

♾ but not alone.

🦉🧙‍♂️As your Holistic Life Guide for Body | Mind | Soul, and as a shaman, I will hold sacred space for you to come and have an outlet for the pain, suffering, and grief that enters our lives as a result of death.

❣️We will begin with opening prayers and use the Talking Stick to share our pain and wisdom. As we surrender and let go of the past, we will also make use of the energy to PLANT our new seeds to usher in the new GROWTH and abundance!

While being a spiritual seeker is not an absolute requisite, being very sincere about your healing and improving relationships IS. THEREFORE, you must register to attend.

A sliding scale donation is offered for you, and will be presented when you register. It is donation based because we must pay for the event space. Donation is not required if you truly cannot donate due to extreme poverty, but registration is....

❓ If you have questions please Contact me ONLY through email at: beth@soulfiremultiversity.com or using the CONTACT form on the website.

Infinite blessings

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