I made a mistake...

Posted On Aug 03, 2021 |

A NEW DAWN: Anchoring in the present, traveling to the past, merging with SoulFire's Future.

It's been a long time since I have written in a blog - much less this one. Things have been tough for me and my family over the last year.

But I know this is true for most people, perhaps even you, because of the issues we face locally and globally. We have been no exception. Let me fill you in by telling you my story...

You see, last fall my mother had to have emergency hip replacement surgery and I made the choice to sacrifice building and expanding my business so I could see her through to recovery (no regrets).

Then around the holidays I went to D.C. for an AMAZING training. I was so excited to further my abilities and skills by getting certified in NLP and a special kind of hypnosis (I like to call it shamanic hypnosis).

I felt unstoppable!

As I tried to get back to work, my personal life fell apart. Several failed relationships left me baffled. I had no understanding or closure on why things happened the way they did. I entered into yet another dark night of the soul.

I had to go deeply inward, backward, face my shadow and plunge even farther than ever into the cosmic medicine wheel.

NOW lemme tell you; of ALL the friends, mentors and teachers I have ever known - precious Pachamama along with my guides, angels, teachers and ancestors were and are my ONLY TRUE solace, teacher and healer. I am eternally grateful for these gifts, skills, and tools - they never let me down.

So I prayed.

I cried.

I contemplated.

I meditated.

I worked with the fire for transmutation, to burn away all that wasn't ME anymore.

I worked with the sacred waters for mourning and recovery.

The earth held me gently and helped me re-member that SHE is ME and I AM her.

The wind cleansed my heart and dried my tears as she and the moon whispered and spoke to me with their tender-loving and sometimes sharp voice.

THEN, like a straight-up southern baptism - they plummeted me right back into the Oneness of my near death experience. The Brilliant Dazzling Darkness...

My beautiful friends, I want you to know that I have re-emerged renewed and ready to SERVE you once again.

The rest of the story WILL BE for another time, but it has been a MAGNIFICENT JOURNEY from which I have brought back many VISIONS. I am so happy to have taken back my own bliss and to be BACK with you!

There is SO much more I have prepared for you... but it is a surprise!!

If you'd like to make the most out of this beautiful 8/8 golden gate portal, catch my new YouTube video here if you missed it.

May you be filled with love and light - may you be healthy, happy, peaceful, and free!

With BIG love,

Beth SoulFire
Speaker, Teacher, Healing Visionary

“Ignite your Spiritual Wisdom // Awaken your Inner JOURNEY”