Life Shifts and Changes - Entering Scorpio Season

Posted On Oct 22, 2021 |

The latest updates about all thing SoulFire and the Dark of the Year

Nothing Fancy.

The wake of 2020-2021 has touched us all very deeply - and in multiple ways. The astrological cycle has sure put us through the "wash cycle" and I am no exception! I have had to step back, give ear to the blessed volume of silence in order to hear the divine talk to me about WHAT IS NEXT?

I am going inward as we enter this Scorpio season. For you. For me. For the collective. I am prepared to bring you shamanic apprenticeships among so many other tools of the trade, in 2022. As of now I am wrapping up what needs tied, and recalibrate my own soul's calling, and have revival. 

Does this mean I am not here for you if you need a session??


It only means I am a message (not a booking link) away. Just reach out to me to me and inquire about events, retreats, private sessions, and the like. I highly recommend my Galactic Cartography (a fancy phrase for astrological reading). I always include amazing channeled insight as it comes through for you, as well as my beloved and trusted tarot and oracle cards. 

Of course at the end of the day - we are all on our journey home. We might as well love one another, WHOLLY, in holy love. Every being on this planet is our brother and sister - but we are actually ALLONE. The only time we are A-lone is because we let the division stand between our hearts connection to others.

Infinite blessings,

Beth SoulFire

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