Shaman Talks

Posted On Dec 01, 2022 |

Join me on December 28, 2022 at 6:30pm for "Shaman Talks" - a SoulFire Fireside Chat, Channeling, solstice welcome, and retrograde integration wisdom.


Everyone has shamanic power and ability to tap into!

Spirit has guided me to offer these on a very small PWYC basis. One week after Winter Solstice, we will meet for discussion and I will be open to speak/channel on topics that the divine give us spontaneously (through you, others, or myself).

I created Shaman Talks as a way to build community, channel information, answer questions about the types of work I do, useful techniques for emotional and spiritual healing, evoke and provoke sacred storytelling, and provide spiritual guidance and support to the group.

If you are interested in Walking the SoulFire Journey mentorship program or apprenticeship program, please consider attending other workshops, webinars, in person events. ceremonies, and services I offer (especially "Shaman Talks"). These are preparatory events that will not only build your foundational shamanic knowledge and experience, but they will help you decide if The Path of The Shaman is right for you.

**Due to space limitations, class size is limited. Registration and payment is required to reserve your space.

THIS IS A PWYC (pay what you can) initiative. This sliding scale allows everyone to choose what to pay based on their budget. When you choose to pay more, it provides scholarship so that more classes like this can be sustainably offered. If you are in a hardship, you can inquire about Scholarship. If you are doing a little better and wish to contribute, consider pledging more so that Scholarship becomes available for those in need! Fundraiser page is going up for this soon - that way, those who donate over and above will see their contribution to the Scholarship fund.


I have not been able to post a YouTube video in a while, but I have made videos that I am editing for upload soon. If you have a suggestion about content you'd like to see from me, email me at or reach out here.

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