Turning Trauma into Treasures

Posted On Jul 07, 2022 |

The Story Telling Alchemist. Jeremy McDonald, interviews Beth SoulFire, Appalachian Medicine Woman on his show, "Soul Talks" on LA Tribune.

Happy July! The heat out there is screaming but you don't have to be.

💦 I got a little something for you to take down the inflammation and cool your weary mind.

Remember the email about "Soul Talks" I sent out a few weeks ago? Well, I had some tech difficulties and things did NOT go so smoothly. However, Jeremy McDonald is such a cool dude he just rescheduled it. He titled it, "Appalachian Medicine with Beth SoulFire." You can find this interview both on the LA Tribune on YouTube or Roku, on his channel "The Story Telling Alchemist" as well as on my own YouTube channel, "The SoulFire Alchemist," below.

Woah. That's a lot of ALCHEMY!!

What IS that "alchemy" we all speak of so fondly? Is it just the mere mixing of things, substances, modalities, salad - what? 🧐

In our case, we are talking about taking heavy, less than beneficial energies (aka, the victimization, and stories we tell ourselves about our lives) and transforming them into LIGHT energy - beneficial uplifting high-vibey stuff.

You know - that stuff that makes you glow and calls in your spirit team.

🧙🏻An Alchemist understands transforming from within. Pluto in retrograde will see to that education for you-- if you want to understand the rhythms, cycles and flows of life, the Multiverse.

In this video - we talk about taking all the childhood traumas, emotional wounds, upheavals and disappointments in life and digging through each one until we find a treasure chest smack dab in the middle of all the hell we've been though...What we thought was a bottomless, hopeless pit.

I assure you... IT IS NOT.🌈🏆🎯

💯You don't want to miss this one. Check it out below.

Much love and infinite blessings,

Beth SoulFire

Soul Growth & Empowerment Coach | Speaker | Healing Visionary

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