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Certain Events, Courses, and Services sponsored by "SoulFire Ministries™" are usually are donation-based or free.
It is through the help of SoulFire Ministries™ and "Appalachian SoulFire™ that we can make grants for education available through SoulFire Alchemy Academy™.

Important note:
Pre-Registration is always required to reserve your space!

Knoxville shamanic Healing Service

Sunday, March 3,, 2024

 In response to the recent passing of my father and brother, I am offering my services and support as a shaman, interfaith minister, and doctor, holding sacred space for individuals to express their pain, grief, and suffering in response to death - whether it be a loss of a loved one, relationship, health, employment or even relocation -

🙏🎁I aim to provide a path of healing and light. As a shaman, seer, wayshower, sacred clown and sacred wise child, I bring to the group (and from evoke with you) deep wisdom, grace, beauty, mercy, adventure, clarity of the truth as it exists within you and is accessible to everyone - if they know the path of light.

In these Temple services, we will explore astrology, eclipse season energies, and varying themes each month.

To attend, you must be genuinely committed to healing and improving Yourself..

This is one of our monthly ministerial services. Registration is required to reserve your space in the event - please contact me for more information.

☠️DARKNESS MUST BE FACED - 🌟but not alone.  

I created Shaman Talks as a way to build community, channel information, answer questions, evoke and provoke sacred storytelling, and provide spiritual guidance and support to the group.

These are preparatory events that will not only build your foundational shamanic, knowledge and experience, but they will help you decide if this is the right path for you..

 **Due to space limitations, Temple can only hold 12 people

Suggested Donation: $35+

 When you choose to donate more, it provides funding for our our ministry to grow our Event Space, provide Refreshments, Ceremonial items, charities and scholarship so that more events like this can be offered. 

shamanic Fundamentals Masterclass
Full day Retreat

Sunday, March 24, 2024
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Shamanic Fundamentals Masterclass Full Day Retreat  

Join us as we embark on a transformative journey as a beginning note to our "Walking the SoulFire Journey" Masterclass. This immersive experience will transport you into the realm of ancient wisdom teachings and offer soul-nourishing rituals. 
We will be going on a shamanic journey to retrieve a hidden latent power/ability/talent, engage in a shamanic full moon fire ceremony to let go of what doesn't serve us, pray for for planetary healing, and discuss whatever Great Mystery brings to the divine table of inner awareness for us as a group and individuals. 

During the masterclass, simple, light lunch options will be available during the break with vegan and vegetarian options to cater to a variety of dietary preferences. This is included in the fee of the masterclass, so no extra charge is required.

Alternatively, participants can bring their own lunch and snacks. 

Space is limited to provide personalized attention, so registration is essential to secure your spot. 

The fee for this enlightening experience is $279,
Don't let this opportunity slip away - enroll now to explore the depths of your soul and gain profound insights in this unique masterclass experience. 🌙✨


**(excludes the $29.99 basic membership fee.)
(Check out our membership Levels to be included on discounts unavailable to the general public)!  

Walking the SoulFire Journey:
Sacred Alchemy Through Indigenous Medicine

Open to New Students
South Journey
June 23, 24, and 25, 2024

The date above is for the In-Person retreat style "Walking the SoulFire Journey Shamanic Apprenticeship" Seminary Program in knoxville,,TN.

PREREQUITITE:  Shamanic Fundamentals Masterclass or Permission of the Director

If you are interesting in learning the path of the shaman and beyond metaphysical alchemy, turning your trauma into treasures as you move through the directions of the medicine wheel, then this is the class for you.

If you are interested, please consider watching my videos on YouTube @thesoulfirealchemist, as well as the video library, attending other workshops, webinars, in person events. ceremonies, and services

Basic Membership (or above) is required to attend this program

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