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SoulFire Survivor Celebration!!

8 Year Anniversary Survivor Celebration and Near Death Experience Virtual Live Webinar

Celebration Details

As this 9th day of January will commemorate my 8 year anniversary of the severe illness, death, rebirth, and recovery that has been nothing short  of exceptionally miraculous, I want to celebrate the fact that I made it through one of the deepest, most dark nights of my soul.

And so, I AM  throwing a party and YOU ARE INVITED!!

♡ Saturday, January 9, 2021 at 7:30PM EST

♡ Come celebrate life with me - LIVE! Experience the enjoyment of a cozy yet roaring "SoulFire Survivor Celebration" with Beth SoulFire (aka, yours truly)🔥 as you grab your favorite drink, snack, and your curiosity, while I tell the harrowing tale of my sudden illness, hospitalization, Near Death Experience, and (very hard earned) realizations/wisdom with an A.M.A (ask me anything), celebrating with you - LIVE!

You just never know what magic and mystery we'll conjure up! 🔮 

♡ The New Moon in Capricorn (my Rising sign) is coming up on January 13, so likely we’ll be discussing that. I just may do some tarot/oracle card readings, stone throws with my shaman's mesa, 2021 astrology or metaphysical chats, or maybe even a group healing transmission, meditation,  channeling session, or shamanic journey.
Whatever we do, spirit, Pachamama, and Creator/Source will always lead the inspiration. 🦅

In  January of 2013, I suffered a sudden and severe illness that would  change my life forever in many ways. I was hospitalized with multiple organ failure, in a coma for over 5 days, on life support for two weeks, followed by weeks of hospitalization, and months of confinement to a wheelchair, speech therapy, physical therapies, and a foreboding prognosis. I was given less than a 20% chance of living 2 years after I was released from the hospital. It was during this event that I had what I now refer to as a total death experience (TDE) which catalyzed a powerful shift in my personal  spiritual perception. The experience itself gifted me the most glorious gift of eternity. It also ignited within me a determination to bring myself into a state of health and completed my initiation as a shaman- one who  "walks between worlds" and endure "soul fire" in service of lighting a  path for others find healing, awaken to higher consciousness, and  discover their own sacred power and Oneness.

It is through this path  that I have become reConnected with all of mySelf... past, present and  future-- throughout all space, all time, and all dimensions... and no  space, no time, and no dimension. My mission is to help you live YOUR  VERY. BEST. LIFE, whatever that looks like to you!


I'm gonna give 7 tickets away on Jan 8!

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Beth SoulFire

I am a Certified Shamanic Energy Medicine, Ceremonial and Spiritual Teacher, a Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho and Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, Certified in Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis, trained in Psychosomatic Neurophysics, an astrologer, an ordained interfaith minister, and holistic life guide. I am a keeper of Ancient and Cosmic Wisdom, trained by the inherent wisdom of the spirits of my own Appalachian folk medicine roots. After a severe sudden illness and near death experience in 2013 left me in a coma for 5 days, on life support for 2 weeks and disability that I have spent years recovering from, I am forever linked with the filaments of Oneness through my NDE-- what I refer to as the Cosmic Consciousness of Great Mystery.