SoulFire Shamanic Astrology

8 Weeks to Emotional Healing & Self Mastery

This workshop is for you, if...

You can’t seem to move past the debilitating trauma of your life,

You're trapped in toxic patterns, beliefs, and habits that are no longer serving you,

No matter how hard you’ve tried, you just can’t seem to get a grip on the right tools, spiritual path, and courage to move beyond it all to the passion and life purpose you SO desire. 

Perhaps you also identify with the following:

  • You are ready for something to shift for New Growth (or it already has and you are in desperate need to make sense of your life) 
  • The world has got you down - you have a desire to live more fully and authentically 
  • You have an interest in earth based mindfulness and natural cycles within nature 
  • You yearn for a deeper understanding of your spiritual and personal life experiences
  • You have tried self help books, crystals, healers, meditation, yoga, journaling, etc., and while it has helped you, that lingering feeling that you are simply missing parts of a bigger picture

In 8 weeks, you’ll learn how to use the sacred alchemy of the Medicine Wheel along with your own personal astrological natal chart to heal the past, the patterns limiting you, identify and express your heart-centered voice of truth, soul path, and extract your hidden gifts!

Here are just a few of the things you'LL learn:

Understand the mysterious connection between your trauma, your boundaries, your subconscious mind, and your hidden gifts 

Harness the soul-healing force of the SoulFire Holographic Wheel of Life,™ as we move through each cardinal direction (South, West, North and East), and receive guidance on how to use your own personal natal chart (astrology) to explore and upgrade every aspect of your being.

Travel through time to retrieve gifts from the spirit world and to change the past, to rewrite disempowering history, and choose a new, empowering one. You will learn tools and techniques from western shamanism, ancient indigenous wisdom teachings including hidden and forgotten knowledge, bridged together with modern neuroscience.

Become the Alchemist by learning and practicing the alchemy of intention-setting, the art of ancestral healing, “The Alchemy of Love and Compassion,” and The Art of Self Nourishment.

Deeply experience the dimensions of the guided SoulFire Quantum Journey™ to shift emotional states, clear negativity, strengthen your spiritual connection and discover and/or upgrade your intuitive abilities and gifts.

Walk way having faced and integrated your shadows AND your gifts so that you can restore the wholeness of your heart, your personal integrity, and peace. 

You will learn how to "shake it all off" and dream a NEW world into being.

By the time you're done with this workshop,
you'll know how to:

  • learn and experience a complete guidance system for moving through personal trauma, grief, fear, pain, or anxiety 
  • recover the gifts of your trauma...(did you know there were gifts there? You'll discover how) 
  • finally see all the "pieces" that make you who you are come together in a way that guides you for life(times)
  • nurture your own precious heart and activate hidden gifts while amplifying current ones
  • access your own personal inner "medicine wheel" wisdom and reSources at any given time, for any reason
In each weekly live class, I will guide you through various “directions” of the medicine wheel using the SoulFire Holographic Wheel of Life,™ - truly a remarkable vision I received of the dance of the great cosmic 'medicine'' wheel, combining concepts of ancient wisdom, astrology and many of the ancient mystery schools.

And YOU get to go deep on where your natal chart placements fall within the medicine wheel!

I will also guide you through different variations of the SoulFire Quantum Journey,™ session, which integrates body--centered hypnosis, shamanic journeying, meditation, breathwork, energy work, and emotional state management with SoulFire Holographic Wheel of Life.

I have been so very blessed in recovering the sacred and precious gifts of my own trauma - even in death I was give what I consider to the the Omniverse.

I would LOVE to share my experiences and knowledge  with you!!

~ Testimonials ~

These tools have proven to work time and time again - not only for my own personal healing, but for the hundreds of clients I have assisted in getting the spiritual clarity,, energetic confidence, and life changes they long for in life.

Here are just a few words from a few of the many people who saw powerful results from this soul healing medicine:

"Well let’s just say I have had a 10-year funk going on. Tried every way that I knew or could find that was available to me to fix the problem (self help books, religion, and many others). Nothing seemed to get me completely over the problem and return me to my former state of mind. So one day I was on FB looking at events in my local area and saw SoulFire Alchemy's ad. So, I thought why not let’s see what happens. So Beth facilitated a Shamanic healing session for me and when I left her I felt like a ten pound weight had been lifted from me. She found some nasty little buggers that had been holding on to me and sent them on their merry little way. I have been truly blessed by her practice and would highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a transformational healing! Bless you Beth with much light and love.

Mindi Paxton
Kingsport, Tennessee

"I had an energy healing session with her on the day of the full moon and it was fantastic! I never did anything like it before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I could feel the energetic shift in my root and heart chakras! Afterwards I could feel tingling in my root chakra area. The worry and fear that usually is quietly accompanying me thru out the day and night seems gone! I feel lighter and so much less anxious with a noticeable absence of the daily irrational fear I wrestle with. It's amazing! I am so grateful for her work and I look forward to doing more!”

Tammi Lipp
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I attended a full moon fire ceremony a few months ago, and I'm still feeling its benefits. I had never participated in a fire ceremony before, and Beth was very warm and welcoming. She explained things very clearly which helped calm my nerves and allowed me to just enjoy the experience. That night was very powerful for me. Beth provided a space where I was able to finally release a heavy burden of mine, and 3 months later I can say it is truly gone. I highly recommend experiencing for yourself the love and power found at Soulfire Alchemy!" 

Anne Nickels 
Johnsonc City, TN

"I finished Reiki 1 with Beth today. She is a wonderful teacher and takes the time to answer your questions. The class was small which made it easy for us to get to know each other. She provided plenty of extra material, which goes deeper into how everything works. I definitely recommend her as a teacher and as a Reiki teacher!”

Rhonda Seserir
Kingsport, TN


Private access

to our exclusive Tribe of SoulFire Alchemists online community where you will not only have connection to me personally for help with your natal chart and other questions, and all of our other thriving, loving and inspirational community members!


Personal Help with YoUR Natal Birth Chart

As one of the 8 students in the class, I will be able to assist each of you personally in understanding the most potent energies in you natal chart., and how to work with them along with the medicine wheel.

THIS, alone, is easily worth well over thousands if you work 1 on 1 with any astrologer - and to my knowledge, I am the only one doing this in my space.

A $1,500 Value!!

Private access

to our exclusive Tribe of SoulFire Alchemists online community where you will not only have connection to me personally for help with your natal chart and other questions, and all of our other thriving, loving and inspirational community members!


Help with Journaling for Growth 

Get my best special prompts to help guide and inspire you throughout the live course as well as on your spiritual journey.

A $100 Value!!

1- on -one hour phone call with me

During the 8-week class, when you need it most for guidance and assistance in the case you get stuck or are having difficulty moving through an experience, you will be able to have a "Dabbling Session" with me.


A $150 Value!! 


These are time-sensitve bonuses! Don't wait until they disappear!

Get your $1,750.00 in bonuses now!  


"WHAT if I can't Afford it?"

There are times when I couldn't have gotten the help or education I needed without assistance from someone.

I understand this dilemma and spent many years believing that my personal happiness would show up one day, and in the meantime I couldn't afford to get help until my circumstances changed.

Actually, it wasn't until I made the decision that I was worth investing in that my circumstances changed.

My personal health and wholeness became of utmost importance to me.  I really think it does when people have a big health scare or crisis. The limiting belief that there's "never enough" alongside the feeling that you aren't worth it, is often the direct reflection of inherited belief systems ingrained by parental figures and generated by a painfully unhealthy society.

You are here for a reason.

You are searching for a way to let go of what does not serve you, once and for all. You are at the precipice of profoundly elevating your life's purpose. In fact, the act of visiting this page, alone, is taking a powerful stand for yourSelf.

The belief systems of lack, limitation, scarcity and fear prevent opportunities from materializing.

You must ask yourself to calculate the cost of that which keeps you stuck in the feedback loops of repeating patterns of self-defeat. 

Investing in yourself and your bliss is indeed a sound decision.

So, if an upfront payment is something you can't do right now, I have made payment plans available!!

Time matters... don't let another year slip away!! 

Just like putting funds into an investment account – you will reap the benefits throughout your life.

 These are PRICELESS personalized tools for life, and they will serve you over and over again.

Understand that this is a limited offer! When you enroll in my course, you are taking advantage of the “beta” version, which I am offering at a low price.

This is absolutely a one-of-a-kind class. To my knowledge - NO one is offering anything like this in my space. I likely will not offer it again, especially in the same way. But if I do - the price will definitely be higher, and you may be missing out on the bonus of working with me one-on-one.

Because I have decided I want to pay close attention to work with each student’s individual challenges, I am limiting this first class to only 8 seats.

Will you be going From Suffering to Sovereignty?
From Mundane to Magical?
From Confusion to Mastery?

Dr. Elizabeth SoulFire

Rev. Dr. Beth SoulFire, Ph.D. is a Metaphysician, Doctor of Divinity, shamanic healer, spiritual counselor, astrologist, speaker, and visionary with over 25 years in the healing and mystical arts. She assists others in revealing, healing, and refining themselves by helping them fuse with their spiritual sovereignty, inner wisdom, and Oneness of Being. Recognized for her dynamic courses, empowering mentorship, and life changing retreats, she weaves together many ancient wisdoms, earth based spirituality, astrology, neuroscience, holistic wellness modalities and broad supernatural experiences to produce her signature healing method, SoulFire Alchemy™.

She is drawn to the unconventional as well as the old-fashioned, is wildly humorous, and loves to inspire and illuminate new perspectives from the stage. Her secret super power is singing after suffering damage to her vocal cords during a severe and sudden illness that left her in a coma for 5 days, life support 2 weeks, months of hospitalization, and a harrowing death experience that called her to shamanism.

She is the founder and senior minister of SoulFire Ministries, nonprofit FBO, and Dean of SoulFire Alchemy Academy Seminary + College of Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Medicine in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

Her passion is to help you break free from toxic patterns and limiting beliefs, understand how to navigate the depths of introspection, integration and self love practices in order to heal from the past, unearth your brilliant gifts, find your soulful voice of truth, and live the fulfilling, empowered life your heart desires! Learn more here.