Walking the SoulFire Journey - The Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Alchemy of Medicine Wheels

Year-Long Mentorship Program - Payment Plans Available!

How do I know if this Shamanic Mentorship is right for me?

If you identify with the following:

  •  You want to nurture and deepen your own spirit medicine, path, and spiritual abilities 
  • You are ready for something to shift for New Growth (or it already has and you are in desperate need to make sense of your life) 
  • You have a desire to live a more purpose-driven life
  • You have a love for earth based mindfulness and nature and,
  • Want to learn how to work with the elements and energetics of eath and the cosmos to heal your life and to heal the the collective
  • You yearn to make sense out of and develop a deep understanding of your spiritual and personal life experiences 
  • You have seen me for a session or thought about it, and wish to go on a in-depth exploration of your own healing and discover your highest potential
  • You are interesting in exploring past lives, astral journeying, and manifestation abilities
  • You have tried self help books, crystals, healers, meditation, yoga, journaling, etc., and while it has helped you, that lingering feeling that you are missing out on part of a bigger picture in life is still there.

What's Included...

This year-long program is a Core Curriculum that consists of 4 directions (South, West, North, East) plus several bonus "essentials and provisions" requisite workshops. Each cardinal direction, called "a Journey" is 9 weeks long and begins at each season of the year. To start, you must enter the Wheel with "Foundations of the Heart" - to initiate you into "Walking the SoulFire Journey: the Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Alchemy of the Medicine Wheel"

  • You will build your own "mesa" or medicine bundle for healing as you journey through the shamanic medicine wheels
  • INSTANT entry Into my "Earth Mandala Magic and Medicine" Course - a $197.00 VALUE - FREE!
  • Receive the 9 Rites of Munay-Ki Initiations 
  • Take place in live weekly workshops with replays 
  • Bonus classes on Animism
  • Bonus webinars on Ancestral Healing
  • Personal Natal Chart Astrology Guidance
  • Indigenous and multicultural wisdom teachings about the Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Aether (Space), Wood, Metal, etc. 
  • Core Curriculum access: as you go through each class, the revealing of information and momentum builds upon the next. 
  • Access to our private and exclusive Tribe of SoulFire Alchemists Community - right here on this website! (If you live local - come to our local classes and enjoy both communities).
  • Monthly guided meditations to integrate the work
  • Throughout the course, you will learn and practice Animism, Shamanism, Andean Spiritual Cosmology, Astrology, Hidden History, esoteric knowledge, and Hermetics, lovingly yet generously sprinkled throughout the course 
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing, practice and ways to heal traumatizing Personal, family, and collective patterns and cycles
  • The Sacred Art of Eldership - a BIG BONUS that could easily cost you an additional $2500 if you get this training elsewhere, or separately as a program with SoulFire Multiversity.
  • "The Living Prayer" along with many sacred songs, meditations, and prayers for continual integration
  • Fun monthly challenges and opportunities for learning and practicing energy healing! 
  • You will Receive a Certificate of Completion upon "graduation." 

Please note, the preview of the course below is a preview. Each week will typically be a live interactive class only for enrolled students. Handouts, downloadable, PDFs, Visuals, audios, etc. ,are all included in the price of enrollment!

"Earth Mandala Magic and Medicine" is a prerequisite in order to enter this mentorship, but if you are enrolling now it is free for you.

Course Curriculum

Mentorship Pricing

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Rev. ELizaBeth Harrell, P.h.D | aka "Beth SoulFire"

"Beth SoulFire is an Appalachian medicine woman who provides powerful experiences through her dynamic courses, empowering mentorship, and life changing retreats - weaving together many ancient wisdoms, earth based mindfulness, astrology, neuroscience, and holistic wellness.

She is drawn to the unconventional as well as the old-fashioned, is wildly humorous, and loves to inspire and illuminate new perspectives from the stage. Her secret super power is singing after suffering damage to her vocal cords during a severe and sudden illness that left her in a coma for 5 days, life support 2 weeks, months of hospitalization, and a harrowing death experience that called her to shamanism.

Her passion is to help you break free from toxic patterns and limiting beliefs, understand how to navigate the depths of introspection, integration and self love practices in order to heal from the past, unearth your brilliant gifts, find your soulful voice of truth, and live the fulfilling, empowered life your heart desires!