School of Ancient Wisdom and Sacred  Medicine Mastery
SoulFire Ministries Seminary

T h e   D O O R W A Y.
 T h e  P A T H.
T h e   J O U R N E Y.

the Medicine Wheels.
the Mystical.
the Magical.
the Seen.
the Unseen.
the Known.
the Unknown.
Inner Worlds.
Outer Worlds.
As Above.
So Below.
As With-In
So With-Out.

Y O U  A R E  H E R E !

. . . Where They All Meet 


Heart + Science + Spirit 

= Alchemy

AWaKeN tHe Ancient WiSDOM WithIN?

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SoulFire Alchemists' Community

Join our community "Tribe of SoulFire Alchemists" and connect with fellow seekers, both locally in east TN and from around the world who are just like you. Learn, share, and thrive with ever-growing, loving and supportive community.