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My FREE gift as a thank-you for for re-subscribing!

Enjoy the gift of Ascension Keys to the Healed Heart - this is a guided shamanic meditation and reiki healing transmission for you, as a celebration of my new YouTube channel! Thank you for subscribing!

It has been a very long and difficult decision to make, but sometimes we all need a fresh start; a makeover. And as I have had to put my soul calling completely on the backburner when it comes to serving my clients and students for a year. I have gone through much change and healing of my own, as have you all I am sure. 

The content I bring you is not changing. I am upgrading it in EVERY sense of the word.  

I am in service to help you navigate the multidimensional realms of introspection, self-reflection, shadow work, integration and self-love practices in order to heal from the past, find your original voice of truth and live the fulfilling life your heart desires through the alchemy of many ancient wisdoms, neuroscience and Spirit.

It is my goal to keep bringing you actionable and soul-filled content, webinars, live courses, meditations, guided shamanic hypnosis, astrology, ancient wisdom, teachings on the medicine wheel, new and full moon ceremony, rites of passage and initiation through this and many other lifetimes. 

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