WouldN'T You LOVe it If You COULD...

Heal Your Past

Discover Meaning & Direction

Speak Your Truth

Experience Abundance

  Trust & Cultivate
Your Awakening Inner Wisdom

   Love yourSelf and Others

. . .And do so  



Watch this video if you are wondering, "Is this work a fit for me?"

  • Are you a spiritual seeker or a sensitive empath who:
  • Is often still haunted by childhood wounding or other trauma resulting in feeling stuck in life, frustration with relationships, and feelings of shame or helplessness?
  • Is simply ready to heal from the past and break free from the blocks keeping you stuck, disempowered, feeling small, and frustrated?
  • Wishes to more deeply understand your personal adversity, what makes you "tick," and explore your spiritual experiences?
  • Would love to cultivate your spiritual connection to the natural world, your ancestors, and other than human kin for personal, planetary, and universal healing?

    If you resonate with any of the above, this powerfully dynamic combination of many ancient wisdoms, shamanic energy medicine, and neuroscience are the tools you need to realize your personally unique vision to:
  • Unearth Your Brilliant Gifts and Create a Clear Pathway to Natural Abundance 
  • Build Emotional agility and nurture Healthy Boundaries amidst uncertain times
  • ReClaim Your Authentic Voice of Truth and Live the Empowered, Fulfilling life your Heart desires!

    How do I know this? Because I have truly experienced this powerful and dynamic transformation for myself!
    I have helped countless others arise renewed from this dark night of the soul - fully awakened and empowered to live the life they want.
I am your partner, your mentor and guide during these daunting times;
to walk alongside you, to strengthen you, to help you completely re-Member your innate ability to heal yourself, Discover the keys to your own Soul-FULL, Brilliant, and Meaning-full purpose in the Universe and to... 
Become the Author of Your Own Destiny

and the 

SuperBEing of Your Every. Single. Story.

"Well let’s just say I have had a 10-year funk going on. Tried every way that I knew or could find that was available to me to fix the problem (self help books, religion, and many others). Nothing seemed to get me completely over the problem and return me to my former state of mind. So one day I was on FB looking at events in my local area and saw SoulFire Alchemy's
[page]. So, I thought 'why not let’s see what happens.'
So Beth facilitated a Shamanic healing session for me and when I left her I felt like a ten pound weight had been lifted from me. She found some nasty little buggers that had been holding on to me and sent them on their merry little way. I have been truly blessed by her practice and would highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a transformational healing! Bless you Beth with much light and love."

Mindy Paxton
Kingsport, TN


Dabbling Session 
We'’ll take an hour while I dabble around my house to talk about where you're getting stuck, feeling disempowered, your life direction, or other pressing matters regarding your healing, and I’ll give you the best guidance and questions for introspection and reflections I can. 

 This isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself digging the self-help sections, and “shadow work” is on your radar, see if this may be for you.  
+150 USD per one hour session.

SoulFire Alchemy™ Healing intensive

"The Alchemy of the Ancient with the Cutting Edge"

If you want to work with me in a single healing session, 1 on 1 - then SKIP the small talk and take big action - this is the session for you.

SoulFire Alchemy™ is an intensive holographic wellness and multidimensional healing session, and is the signature fusion of the energy healing skills, holistic wellness modalities, intuitive abilities, and profound spiritual wisdom I have experienced, learned, and mastered over the past 24 years. A few of these are shamanic energy medicine, deep journeying and trance work, astrology, ancestral healing, quantum neuroscience-based, body-centered hypnosis for past, future and alternate life regression, inner child and self-love, integrative shadow and light work, herbal medicine, vibration, sound, and sacred scents, Reiki Master techniques, the energetic power of stones, crystals, the elements, channeling, ceremony, and many other arts of the intuitive and ancient.

There are different techniques and tools available to suit all arising needs during your session. Basically, you are in great hands because the SoulFire Alchemy Healing Intensive is a highly individualized experience; no two SoulFire Alchemy™ sessions are exactly alike. Why? Because every human being is different.  

Not sure?Try a Dabbling Session first.

Learn more about energy medicine here.

Sessions are available in Knoxville, Tennessee. They are recorded and you will be sent a downloadable copy.

+100 USD per hour

*IMPORTANT NOTE: this session can last from 2 to 3 hours and up depending on your unique needs, please be mindful to take the day for yourself, if possible.

Galactic Cartography Interpretation

Did you know that you were born with a road map for life??

Here's a little secret for you: The specific date, time, & geographical location where you drew your first breath, was indeed the moment Lady Fate blew those star placements- casting her drawing especially for you.

In an hour, I will go over a classical and intuitive astrological natal chart reading for you, add in any channeled insights that come through, and the downloadable recording will be made available to you to via email to listen/download along with any other digital materials I may include.

Each option comes with a downloadable recording of your session.

Recording Only:  
 Includes up to 3 questions you send ahead of time.
+75 USD

Phone session: 
Same as the recording only service, except we are having a phone conversation.
+150 USD

Add a Tarot/Oracle Reading to any astrological reading!
Be sure to come back after booking one of the sessions above and purchase this separately.+25 USD


Illuminate, cultivate and deepen your own inner shaman during this extremely immersive, in-depth healing and transformative mentorship experience. Together, we will make our journey around the cardinal directions of the Medicine Wheel, exploring mystical teachings such as astrology, herbology, energy medicine, Hermetics, neuroscience and history, experience soul nourishing rituals, and engage with your ancestors, other-than-human kinfolk, Mother Earth, and the Cosmos for an intensive healing journey in service of personal growth, planetary, and collective healing.

This Year-Long Journey officially commences in June 2022!!

LIMITED SEATING: In order to ensure attention to every student, I am only taking 8 people to begin.

If you are serious, mark your calendar NOW for June 14 and GET ON THE LIST BELOW so you don't miss all the announcements including pricing, plans, and more! Look for enrollment to begin within a week.

"I had an energy healing session with her on the day of the full moon and it was fantastic! I never did anything like it before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I could feel the energetic shift in my root and heart chakras! Afterwards I could feel tingling in my root chakra area. The worry and fear that usually is quietly accompanying me thru out the day and night seems gone! I feel lighter and so much less anxious with a noticeable absence of the daily irrational fear I wrestle with. It's amazing! I am so grateful for her work and I look forward to doing more!”

Tammy Lipp
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


I love working with people in group settings so much! It is truly an honor when I am given a fraction of trust in the passing along of the years and lifetimes of my experience, knowledge and skills to those committed to personal growth and spiritual connection in their lives! Please reach out to me here to inquire about availability!
Unsure what you need? Connect with me to  to determine whether you are a good candidate for this type of intensive session, or mentorship program..

SoulFire Sanctuary Retreats

A Half to Full Day Personal Retreat(s) Whether you are in the beginning stages of awakening and body-mind wellness, or looking for a potent upgrade of your own personal power, this transformational day is an exquisite gift for yourSelf.

Each 8-hour, one-on-one StarLight Day is designed exclusively for you, (or small group) based on your individual needs in order to achieve maximum healing alchemy, and *may include:

Get ReConnected to Earth and Sky Guided Meditation
Transformational Breathwork
Elemental Breathwork
Lightning Qi-Gong
Sound Healing
Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic Arts Medicine
Wheel Dancing,
Movement and Shaking Medicine
Sacred Ceremonies of Fire, Water, Earth, and/ or Aether
Energetic Field ReStructuring and Chakra ReBalancing
Crystalline Grid Creation and Activation
Rituals, Prayer, Ceremony Creation
Healing with the Waters,
Divine Feminine Inner Child/Self Love/Shadow work.
Sacred Songs
Mudra and Mantra
BQH – Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis
Calling on and connecting with Star Family
Ascension guidance, experiences and exercises.
Vibrational Manifestation (advanced)

Special teachings, guidance, channeling sessions, journal time, rest time, and snack/meal time always included.
Available in Knoxville, TN, and other areas by prior arrangement.
Based on schedule availability.

The schedule for private clients is limited – Request A Complimentary Assessment

Single, 1 on 1:
Half Day - $777.00
Full Day - $1440.00

Wanna bring your group?
 *** Groups Retreats are my specialty and are VERY Welcome***
Please inquire here.

*Personal Retreats may include (not all, but) any of the above elements, depending on your individual needs. Additional optional healing modalities may be accessed if the need should arise.

Reiki Levels I, II, III and Crystal Reiki Master Initiation /Certifications
Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese for “universal life-force energy.” It is a system of natural healing which induces relaxation, reduces stress, and promotes healing. This class is open to everyone-- the only prerequisite is an open mind and heart. You will learn the history, fundamentals, and ethics of hands-on Reiki treatments. 

First Degree Reiki Initiation and Certificate: Training Manual and handouts will be provided, and time is allotted for guided practice sessions to gain comfort in working with the hand positions and energy. At the end of this course, you will receive the Reiki Level 1 initiation attunements, be able to administer a full, basic Reiki treatment for both yourself and others, have a fundamental understanding of the energy healing and energy body, and receive your Certificate. Space is limited. 
Investment: +150.00 USD
A +50.00USD (minimum) deposit is required upon registration to hold your spot.

Second Degree Reiki Initiation and Certification:   You will learn the use of special symbols that increase your flow of Reiki energy, provide mental and emotional healing, and send healing distantly across both time and space. Reiki Level 2 Training Manual and handouts will be provided, and time is allotted for guided practice sessions to gain comfort in working with the symbols. At the end of this class you will be able to use the Level II Reiki healing symbols, send remote (distance healing), receive the Reiki Level II initiation attunement, and your Certificate.  
Space is limited. Investment: +225.00USD
 A +50.00 USD (minimum) deposit is required upon registration to hold your spot. Payment plans can be arranged in advance upon request.  You will receive a confirmation email with details and instructions for what to bring at least one week prior to class.   
Prerequisite: This class is open to anyone who has completed Reiki Level 1 in any lineage, has practiced for 6+ months, or has permission from the instructor.

Third Degree Reiki Shinpiden Master Teacher Initiation/Certification: Date TBA  
Shinpiden  is the Japanese word for "Mystery Teachings." You will receive the  Master Symbol which increases the strength of your Reiki healing.  energy/use of the Reiki II Symbols. You will learn and practice using  the Master Symbols, the powerful "Psychic Surgery" technique to remove  heavy energies, how to teach and give attunements for all three levels of Usui Ryoho Reiki, receive the Reiki Master manuals, the Master Attunement, and your Reiki Master Certificate.   
Investment: +350USD
 Next Class Date TBD 
Prerequisite:  Reiki II Practitioner (from any lineage) for a minimum of 6 months  treating self and others (family/friends, practice, etc.) to become a Reiki Level III Shinpiden Master Teacher

Crystal Reiki Master Certification and Reiki Teacher Training
(a $350 Value!!) is included free with the Reiki Master Teacher Initiation when you take all 3 classes with me! You will learn about different crystals for various ailments, aspects of Sacred Geometry, different crystalline structures and their uses for energy healing, meditation, channeling, crystal grid work, and more!

Stand-alone Crystal Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher Training Workshop Investment: +350USD

NOTICE: There is a WAIT list for online and in-person Reiki Classes. If you want to be on the waiting list, you will be the first to know when a new class is opening up.
SoulFire Ceremonies & Rites of Passage

What truly is still held sacred in these days and times? What important milestones of life are simply overlooked, misunderstood, and minimized as modern culture has lost its' inner-standing of Who we are and what bridges our past to our future - our SOUL PATH and PURPOSE?

*Full Moon Fire Ceremonies
*New Moon Ceremonies
*Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies
*Womb Blessing and Rite of Passage for women of all ages
*Red Tent (*Wild Wise Women in Red™ - invitation only). 
*Grief Rituals
*Ceremonies to Heal the Earth, her waters, the elementals, humanity,  and our other-than-human kin
*Andean Despacho (Gratitude and Prayer) Bundle Ceremonies
*Sacred Cacao Ceremonies
*Medicine Wheel Dances and Drumming
*Ancestral Lineage Ceremonies for healing, gratitude, prayers and honoring
*Many other ceremonies and rituals based on ancient, esoteric wisdom and shamanic arts

Contact Me for more information or to Book

*A trademark of SoulFire, Inc.

"I attended a full moon fire ceremony a few months ago, and I'm still feeling its benefits. I had never participated in a fire ceremony before, and Beth was very warm and welcoming. She explained things very clearly which helped calm my nerves and allowed me to just enjoy the experience. That night was very powerful for me. Beth provided a space where I was able to finally release a heavy burden of mine, and 3 months later I can say it is truly gone. I highly recommend experiencing for yourself the love and power found at Soulfire Alchemy!" 

Anne Nickels
Johnson City, TN

"You know how spiritual seekers who yearn to understand their personal life experiences and deepen their spiritual connection are often still haunted by childhood trauma that results in feeling stuck in life, frustrated with relationships, feelings of shame or helplessness?

  What I do is help you navigate the realms of introspection, self-reflection, integration, and self-love practices in order to break free from the blocks keeping you stuck and frustrated so that you can heal from the past, unearth your brilliant gifts, find your soulful voice of truth, and live the fulfilling, empowered life your heart desires."

- Beth SoulFire