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Jeremy McDonald with The Story Telling Alchemist interviews Beth SoulFire about her spiritual path, Near Death Experience, Facing Trauma and How to Heal

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Laura Eisenhower interviews Beth SoulFire in April of 2020 about overcoming severe illness, death, and how she miraculously recovered and answered her life's' calling to be an Appalachian Medicine Woman.

Facing Death (NDE) and Emerging with Healing Power, Personal Sovereignty and Wisdom

Panel Discussion with Laura Eisenhower, Amber Celestial Angel and Susan Walters on Healing Power, Personal Sovereignty and Wisdom after suffering a NDE.

Positive Head PodCast Episode 634

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"Beth SoulFire is an Appalachian medicine woman who provides powerful experiences through her dynamic courses, empowering mentorship, and life changing retreats - weaving together many ancient wisdoms, earth based mindfulness, the medicine wheel, astrology, neuroscience, and holistic wellness.

She is drawn to the unconventional as well as the old-fashioned, is wildly humorous, and loves to inspire and illuminate new perspectives from the stage. Her secret super power is singing after suffering damage to her vocal cords during a severe and sudden illness that left her in a coma for 5 days, life support 2 weeks, months of hospitalization, and a harrowing Near death experience that called her to shamanism.  

Her passion is to help you break free from toxic patterns and limiting beliefs, understand how to navigate the depths of introspection, integration and self love practices in order to heal from the past, unearth your brilliant gifts, find your soulful voice of truth, and live the fulfilling, empowered life your heart desires."

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