The Dabbling SessioN

Want a chance to chat with me one on one with no pressure to work with me any further after that?

We’ll take an hour while I dabble around my house to talk about matters regarding your healing, and I’ll give you the best questions for introspection and reflections I can. This session is uniquely different from how I have offered my service in the past. They flow very well for clients and for me, and people keep on grabbing them up as soon as they come available.

I only do 2-3 of these per week and they often sell out weeks in advance.  This isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself digging the self-help sections, and “shadow work” is on your radar, this may be for you.

How Does It WorK?

A Dabbling Session is $150 for 1 Hour of my one-on-one time. No pressure to sign up for a SoulFire Alchemy session, package, or retreat. It’s merely a teeny-weeny call between you and I.

What's the Catch?

  • Catch #1: I’ll be dabbling about during the call.

    The catch is that I’ll be dabbling in my herbal apothecary, tidying, or “choring” while we chat. To be clear: I’ll pause and take notes and make lists when I need to. But you’ll hear the tinkling of dishes, the water running, doors opening and closing, etc. 
  • Catch #2: Hands-Free Call Only.

    It must be something we can do while I dabble. So any sort of intuitive reading, journeying/trancework, or things that require me to be at my computer or desk is out. This session is more akin to a Guidance session, so if we can’t chat about it while my hands are deep in the dirt, it’s not going to work.
  • Catch #3: We’re just chatting on the phone, that’s all.

    I won’t read things you send me before the call. I am doing this to get away from spending time on a screen – and get you at least somewhat away from yours if it serves you. I am also doing as a way to offer a compassionate ear and holistic guidance to clients who need it in short order. If you would like more than that, (i.e., reading, energy work, my eyes on something) then I invite you to book a SoulFire Alchemy Session or Mentorship Programs (coming back shortly) where the we have ample time and attention to focus on getting to to the depths of what you’d like to shift. To really get the MOST out of the Dabbling session: Come prepared with certain information (such as your astrological points, power animals, a dream or vision) already in your mind… now that we can dabble about!

    A smaller catch: If the session goes well, I’d like to get a testimonial from you that I could use to sell future puttering sessions to those who don’t believe that dabbling about and productivity can go together well.

    If this is of interest to you I look forward to your email! 
  • Catch #4: Please be on time.

    I will wait for 5 minutes for a latecomer, but after that, I will move on with my work and your session is forfeit. If you think you’ll be late or that you’re not going to be able to make it, please reschedule your session in advance. I recommend you get yourself ready and settled at your computer or with a notepad 5 minutes ahead of time so you’re definitely ready at the appointed time. 

A new batch of dabbling sessions has just been released.!!

There are only a few left for the month of April, so Request a Session and I will reach out to schedule yours on a first come first served basis.