What is Energy Medicine?

Posted On May 04, 2022 |

Defining what our eyes can't see, but sensitives KNOW is there.

Energy isn’t something most people can see, yet those of us who have been beneficiaries of it or work in the spiritual and healing arts recognize that it works. 

But, is it merely an anecdotal or placebo effect? 

We are all taught that if something isn’t tangible, it can’t exist. 

If we don’t understand it, our ego wants us to dismiss it. 

The issue with this paradigm is that it severely limits our growth in every way. While healthy skepticism serves its place, we must remain open minded and be willing to seek education on those things we don’t understand. Fortunately, modern science has and continues to prove that not only does the human energy field exist, but energy fields surrounding all living things are present through the study of electromagnetic fields, biophotons, quantum physics, and scientific research in other domains such as experiments with plants and water.

The short answer? "Energy Healing" is an umbrella term for any therapy or healing art in which the human energy field/circuits are manipulated to bring about balance and facilitate the body’s innate healing ability. It is in this way that energy healing modalities such as Reiki, acupuncture, chakra balancing, qi-gong, acupressure, crystal/stone, sound/vibrational, shamanic healing and others can facilitate healing.

According to modern physicists, all of reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, light and information. If we look at the basic components of what makes up our physical bodies, we realize that we are made up of atoms, and based on quantum physics those atoms are really just packets of energy. Biological information fields form an active, constantly resonating matrix. So, in other words, our bodies are constructed from trillions upon trillions of packets of energy.

Human Energy Field Depiction

What both ancient indigenous cultures and many modern-day healers know is that holistically working with the energetic systems of our being, along with the physical body and mental/mind have a MUCH greater effect on our overall health than simply focusing on "correcting" the symptoms of the physical body or mind. 

The ancient shamanic traditions describe an energy field/aura that surrounds the human body. It is within this "luminous energy field" (referred to as the aura or LEF) that the memories of our genetics, karma, life experiences and even ancestral wounds are stored. These imprints and memories propel our life in a certain direction by attracting people, energies, situations, behaviors and experiences to us, although they are not for our highest good.

As an example, imagine a tree growing over decades from a small twig into a big and tall tree. If the twig has been exposed to no trauma, it will grow into a straight and mighty tree with no knots, bends, twists, or rough spots. However, if the twig or immature tree gets stepped on, bent, or otherwise injured, it substantially changes the growth of the tree forever, and with little effort.

We are like the tree. However, as we were growing up we received traumas, betrayals, wounds, programming and judgment from others. Then, we actually continued to perpetuate those hurts so we could grow in a way to please these others. Every time a parent (teacher/authority figure, etc.) said “No!” to our spontaneous arising of energy, we had to begin denying that part of our self to assure that we would be liked by the adults around us. As a young "twig" this was the only way to survive: by creating patterns of behavior that kept us safe in the presence of others. 

As adults, we are still running these patterns, but they were constructed by a child - and they really don’t work in an adult world. 

It takes a tremendous amount of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy to maintain these “safety-providing” and self-denying programs that keep us in relationships, situations and circumstances that do not serve our highest good. 

As a result our LEF can become laden with heavy, less than beneficial imprints and energies that cause dysfunction and negatively impact our health. 

For example - chronic or physical illness is just trapped energy that has crystalized in the body, but it got trapped in the mind first, followed by the energy field, and finally, the body. This is where energy healing methods such as Reiki, astrology, herbalism, vibration/frequency and Shamanic Energy Medicine can help bring your body back into a whole, holistic state of balance and wellness.

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